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Srivaishnavam Practices
Haldi (Turmeric)
Haldi (Turmeric)
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 Turmeric (Haldi) - its use and benefits

Turmeric is the most IMPORTANT & AUSPICIOUS substance in every Hindu function .Haldi is a commonly known name in every household. No Celebration/function begins without haldi (turmeric) or kum-kum. One must know its full potentials and reason for giving much importance to it.

All of us are well aware that yellow color paint is generally used to for all public utilities such as signal poles, taxis, public telephone, road divider lines etc. Yellow is the prime eye catching color and it has cooling stimulation in the brain. Thats why the road signals are given amber in between Red & Green as to caution one's mind.

     According to Ayurvedam, (a science dedicated to herbals & naturals) Turmeric plays vital role in day to day life .It is the only ingredient used for all type of cooking agent .It is a natural skin conditioner, heals cuts, burns and wounds etc. Turmeric is used as a main and basic formula for all health & Skin care products .It is also used as main and basic substance for skins Ointments.

Each and every one of us emit brain wave and The wavelength differs from person to person. And to regularize the wave length Hindu women used to
apply kum kum made out of pure turmeric. Also It is very difficult to hypnotize or mesmerize a person who applies Turmeric spot regularly in one's fore head .In addition to this the benefit of regularizing ones own brain wave length is activated for those apply it regularly .
The Vaishnav Brahmans from South India applies turmeric paste in a vertical line in their fore head. It is believed that this strengthens their brain wave length and also it avoids scattering wave and sends signals in a focussed manner.
As per the Hindu custom & practice each and every auspicious function begins with turmeric and I am no exception. Hence Aye do open my Web site with TURMERIC.
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