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Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !
Jaya Jaya Sri Sudarsana !

This is my family and worth I should mention here, they are my life!

Hai, it's ME,
TRS Iylengar
and below is my family

Its my family!!

0ur family....

Life is full of thrill! Sorrow, joy, grief, happy, money, sufferings, pain, pleasure, challenges and what not. My family has seen everything of these and today we stand proud, for all the gifts besetted by the God. Without the help of all family members it is not possible for me to rise.
Here in this photo, my wife, son and daughter alongwith me. This one was taken very recently.

My father, Late Mr. T. S. Ramabathran who thought me a lot about the culture of Srivaishnavam practices and in this photo he with my mom alongside.

dMy parents, at their best, presented here with love.

Lord Krishna, The creator of the world, and our diety in His Fine Pose.

Other Relatives

This photo was taken during the special event, my two younger brothers thread wearing ceremony held in Mumbai during 1992. I love to look my childs in this picture. I am in my usual dress standing at your extreme right

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