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Correct Name and its vibration, keeps one pretty happy

Name your child according to Birth Star

What is in a name ? Any person may be wondering. But according to Vedic Sastra, a persons name and the pronunciation is likely to influence much of a character and growth. The vibrations caused by calling frequently a person with his/her name, is surely linked to one's mind and thoughts. If a persons name influences a negative factor, the person is most likely to be down with inferiority complexion. Likewise, if a persons name that sounds something like hero or God, then the named persons behavioral pattern is much better than one can expect. So, please name your baby with most suitable words, that will grow in a positive way with the child. Given below are the stars and suitable first two or three letters as starting name and you can find full name based on these guidance. This is according to Indian Astrological pattern, which you can find in any Almanac known as Panchang

Star/Nakshatra  1st Quarter   2nd Quarter    3rd Quarter  4th Quarter

Aswini                  Su                    Se                        Cho                   La

Bharani                Li                    Lu                       Lo                     Lo

Krittika                 A (as in accent) E                        Oo (U)               Aa (as in Airport)

Rohini                  O                       Va                        Vi                      Vu

Mrigasiro             Ve                     Vo                        Kaa                   Ki

Ardra                   Ku                     Ka                        Ng                     Chaa

Punarvasu           Ke                      Ko                       Ha                      Hi

Pusam                 Hu                      He                         He                      Ho

Aslesha                Ti                       Tu                         De                      Do

Makam                Ma                    Mi                         Mu                     Me

Pooram                Mo                     Da                         Di                      Du

Uthiram               De                      Do                        Pa                      Pi

Hastham              Pu                      Sha                        Na                     Ta

Chithra                Be                       Bo                          Ra                    Ri

Swathi                 Ru                       Re                        Ro                     Dha

Visakam              Dhi                    Dhu                       The                   Tho

Anuradha            Na                      Ni                          Nu                     Ne

Jyeshta                 NO                     Ya                          Yi                      Yu

Moola                  Ye                      Yo                           Ba                      Bi

Poorvashada       Bu                      Dha                        Bha                   Ta

Uthrashada          Pe                       Po                          Ja                      Ji

Shravan               Ki                       Ku                          Ke                    Go

Dhanishta            Ga                     Kee                         ku                   Khe 

Sadabishak          Ko                      Sa                           Si                      Su

P.Broshtapata      Se                       So                          Dha                   Dhi

U.Broshtapata      Dhu                    Sa                         Cha                   Dha

Revathi                 The                    Tho                       Sa                     Si


The alphabetical names for a Boy & Girl with the Sanskrit meaning will be provided shortly for the readers benefit. Please bear with me till then.