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Name : Mukundan D. Swamy                                         Matrimony ID G0101

Date of birth : August 24, 1973
Height : 5 Ft 9 In / 175 Cms.  Weight : 65 Kgs / 143 Lbs

Sect/Sub-sect : Vadakalai Iyengar - Gothram : SRIVATSA Gothram
Star : Thiruvathirai.   Rasi / Moon Sign : Mithunam (Gemini)

Education in Detail : B.Com, further pursuing studies in computer course.
Occupation : Assistant, LIC, Chennai
Hobbies : Reading, Music and net surfing
Residing at: Chennai, Tamilnadu

Telephone : 044-2635 9734
Address  for communication : Mrs. Kumutha Swamy 52, Bazaar Street, ICF Colony, Ambattur, Chennai 600058
E-mail :

A short description of Sri Mukundan D. Swamy:

Fair, polio struck in left leg (normally walk without supportive) otherwise normal health, clean habits, soft spoken and very neat and tidy. Respects others views - but not a follower of blind faiths, Very outspoken and forward looking. Expects same sect (Vadakalai Iyengars only), graduate, EMPLOYED, reside in and around Chennai. (exception if other points qualify & having a transferable job). Respond only if you agree for a SIMPLE & REGISTERED MARRIAGE.  No rituals please) as not interested in rituals.

Family : consist of one elder brother - married and well settled, one younger sister - spastic and widow mother. Own house in Ambattur, Chennai with ample water facility. Native of Ladavaram Village (Nadathur Amman).


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