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Srivaishnavam Practices
Haldi (Turmeric)
Dharana / Darana - Important Festival days chart 2004-05
Dharana year Srivaishnava Festival days & Tharppana Sankalpams.
Dharana / Darana Year Tharppana Sankalpams
Yajur Upaakarmaa (Aavani Avittam)
Daily Prayer of Brahmins
Temple Visits...
Temples, oh Vishnu Temples.
Eakaadasi Fastings:
Women's Favourite!
Astrology, facts
Iyengar Matrimonials only
Matrimonial - Iyengar Girls profiles
Marriage - Star Matching
Sex is part of life!
Newlywed couples - This is for U
Birth star & names
Favorite Links
A Joke for ALL...
Guest Page: Tulsi & Vilvam
Contradictions galore!!
Who is True God? Where is He?
Guest Page - Churning of the Sea
Festivals 2003-04 in English
2004-05 Sankalpams in English
Dharana / Darana year's Srivaishnava Festivals & Tharppana sankalpams 2004-05
Family Photo Album
Gayatri - the inner meaning.
Women & Gayatri Japam
Stars, Stellar & SriVishnusahasranamam
A Prayer, for all
Guest book entries
Though this site is mainly for the beginners, others too might find these pages very useful, I hope.

There are near about 2,580 web sites, (as of Nov. 19, 2003 - according to Google search engine - and this site is ranked
2nd & 3rd among the TOP TEN Sites) available on the topic SRIVAISHNAVAM. (ofcourse, other Search Engines such as MSN, Rediff, Yahoo, Hotbot etc. too places my web site on the 1st & 2nd listing among the top ten!)

All the other sites are dedicated to the Azhwaars(the 12 great Gurus or teachers who propagated ethics and values of Srivaishnavam in poetic scripts named Divyaprabhandham which is purely in Tamil), Aacharyans (the Gurus), Divya Prabhandam, Divya Kshetrams(the sacred places or sanctuaries where the temples of Lord Shri Mahavishnu are located), Raamaanujaa(a great scholar), Sri Desikar(a great scholar who propagated VISHISHTAATHVAITHAM and the founder Guru of Shri Ahobila Muttam), Emperumaal (Lord Vishnu Himself), All sorts of Srivaishnavam materials such as slokhas, Vedas, Temples, Gods and Goddesses. But none of these sites give the reasons and inner meaning for practicing the rituals. If rationale thoughts are just posted, the younger generation will surely understand, benefit and appreciate it. They might even follow the system more authentically. Here I am not giving any versus or slokhas, but only giving the inner meaning of Srivaishnavam culture and its practices.

In these pages, I try to give a fair picture of Srivaishnavam, Pride, Rituals and its reasons & beliefs in brief. In simple words the rationale behind practices of Srivaishnavam. There may be some points here unacceptable to some, might be someone patting me , a few even against this in Toto.

Whatsoever it may, I am honestly trying my level best to be impartial and post here in these pages whatever I learnt from my Guru, my father and the Society in General.

If these columns get some value, let the praise go to the Lord Srimann Naaraayana,
The Creator of this Universe.

If any mistakes and misquotes found, then I am solely responsible for the lapse, and
sincerely apologize for the same.

Readers and surfers may please sign my '
Guest Book
' and send in your comments and criticism. This will help me in revising & modifying and improving these pages/contents accordingly.

For the needy one, Tharppana Sankalpams in Tamil and English are given. Please follow the links and download the fonts if you want it in Tamil.

Frequently I am questioned by curious young persons from our Srivaishnavites culture, for explanations and methodology of this Sect's routine practices. Within my limited knowledge, I try to convince them of the available facts

Whatever I learnt and within my limited knowledge I gained through some studies, I am passing it here through these pages. 


Hope you enjoy visiting.
Please sign my Guest Book with your comments and suggestions, so as to enable me to improve the contents. Also please inform your friends and relatives about this site to pay a visit.
Thank you Very Much,


Matunga, Mumbai 400019

HH Srivansadagopa Sri Vedaantha Mahadesikan, 44th
Pontiff (jeer) of Sri Ahobila Mutt (Mukkur Azhagiasinghar)
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