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Banana, its usage in day to day life.



Banana Tree - the plant is most Eco balancing one, which should be grown more everywhere !


No, I am not telling you to go to any Republics. Just telling you about the nature's Gift named "Banana". Here I am giving you the facts and benefits one gets by using the Banana.


Apart from using Banana fruits as food item, the plant's other parts such as trunk, leaves, flower and Raw banana are also giving innumerable values to the society.


To start with,  the leaves are more broader and it grows up to 9 feet in length and two feet wide. Because of this there is large area coverage in each leaf, it intakes more carbon from the surrounding and exhales purified oxygen in the surroundings. Thus the entire surrounding where the plantain is grown becomes very a healthy area to reside in.


People in India, (specially from South India and Tamilnadu - almost all Brahmins) used to serve food on plantain leaves. The main and interesting causes for this are really worthy.  Yes, because of single use and throw away, there is no chance for contamination of deceases, as is in the case of dish plates which are used again and again by different persons at any given function. 


Apart from the above, the mother earth too gets her value back as manure, as it is an easily bio-degradable one. Wherein the polythene and plastic materials which takes any where up to 300 years for bio degradation. This in itself is a most acceptable reason that the Srivaishnavites and Brahmins in India, who use Banana leaves for serving food at any gatherings and functions.


To increase the fiber essence in our body, I strongly recommend to take the trunk portion of the banana tree. This white portion contains more fiber essence and also increases hemoglobin level in our blood. 


Srivaishnavites used to take these as food items once in a fortnight, on the 12th day from new & full moon days (Dwaadasi - read Eakaadasi Fasting).  


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