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by trsiyengar

STAR MATCH (Constellation): It is the compatibility of the birth star of the bride & groom. This means the matching and coping tendency of the male & female together for life time.

GANAM: Three classified characters of individuals are listed being Deva (Divine), Manusha (Human) and Rakshasa (Demon). This denotes the compatibility of Man & Woman to have even level of Ganam that goes together.

MAHENDRAM: This indicates progery.

STHREE DHIRGAM: If this matches then the female counter part's well being will be of fine after marriage and for life time.

YONI: Compatibility of private organs of man and woman. The classified stars should not be of enemy's one. These yonis are symbolized that are of some animals grouping, such as Tiger, Cow, Rat, Elephant etc. This match is giving the desired level of satisfaction for the matched couples in their sexual life and physical satisfaction for both at par.

RASI:  (Moon sign) - This is an indication of overall compatibility of the couples.

RASI ATHIPATHI: (Lord of the Moon sign): This denotes the finest relationship among groom & bride's parents & their family.

RAJJU: This is the most vital match that is the essence of all other matches. If this mismatches, even if all other 9 matches are found, then it should totally be rejected. It is an indication; the mismatched Rajju is most fatal to any one of the couples. Must be avoided if mismatch found in this particular aspect. This is the most important to any caste among Hindus, as it might be fatal to any one of the couple.

NAADI:  This is called of pulses of the stars match and classified into three groups viz. parsuva, Madhya & Samana naadi. This match is found then the woman counterpart will live long with her husband.

The above Hindu system  horoscope match is based on the Moon Sign and constellations (Nakshatra). If six out of ten including the vital Rajju is matching, then it is recommended for alliance. The match above 51% but below 60% it is moderate. Between 60% 70% then it is Good. Between 71% and 80% Very good and above 80% The Best.

Apart from the above matching, from the boys or girls Moon sign should not be of sixth and eighth  houses. It is called Sashta-ashtakam.  

The next most vital things is of Mangal Dosham, Kuja Dosham or the so called Chevvai Dosham. There are numerous exceptions for all the above as per the Hindu Astrological teachings. You may read my article on this subject in the other page titled " Navagraha Preethi"  under Caption 'Mars' in this same site. It is all about the placement of Mars in a natives Horoscope.

Despite all the matches, if a marriage fails & no compatibility found then one will come to the conclusion that these are all farce. What then the real meaning of search so many horoscopes and finding the matches? Is it not a sheer waste of time and energy in doing so?

No. In fact the horoscope of either of them must be wrong or the birth time given wrongly, or the Ayanamsa, Longitude & Latitude given wrongly. If any of these are wrongly computed, then the entire horoscope becomes invalid. Above all, fate supercedes everything! Just the saying goes "marriages are made in heaven".

For the benefit of the readers, I give you a worthy link, from where you can find your own match, without having to bother any astrologers. This applet programmed match finder is a wonderful job of Dr. Sounder, which is available for free download. My sincere thanks to him for allowing thousands of net surfers in finding their own match through this programmer. The URL is :

In the next article, we will see which are all the matching one for the other sign & star.