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The following bit of information was supplied to me via E-mail, by one Ms. Vani Pillai (16 Years) from Singapore. She is very much interested in knowing about Hindu cultural and systems. She surfed these pages in detail and sent in few questions which I answered.
I read in a Tamil book, " Arul Mikka Samaya Katturaikal"  the following information.

Scientists were trying to photograph the star, namely Thiruvatharai. However, since it is the star of the Shiva, it was fiery, and the shot would always be "burnt". However, one German photographer, had the star in a clear shot. This happened when the thiruvonam star was facing the thiruvatarai star. Thus the Thiruvonam star had the calming effect.

Therefore, for Shiva , the vilvam leaf is offered which is cooling effect as he has a fiery star.

Therefore , for Thirumal (Sri Mahaviushnu), the Tulsi leaf has the heating effect as he was a cooling star.

That's why, it is not advised to present Tulsi leaf to Shiva or vice versa.