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 Why not other days ? Why only on Eakaadasi ?
    by trsiyengar
From time immemorial, Srivaishnavites have been observing fasts twice a month on Eakaadasi days.This fasting is, in general, for everyone. Eakaadasi is the 11th day in the moon cycle, i.e.from the new moon day and also from the full moon day.
It is a proven scientific matter, that the air pressure in the atmosphere rapidly changes in the surroundings on a full moon day or on the new moon day.  The sun-moon-earth combination in the orbital path, when distances itselves at every particular interval, (i.e. every 24 Hrs or for every full circle the earth rotates). When it occurs, accordingly pressure in atmosphere too changes and varies. 
0ne can observe this from the increasing high tidal waves in the ocean. 0n any given New moon day or Amaavaasya the pressure increases in the ocean and  the tidal waves are very rough and high.
But from the next day onwards the pressure recedes gradually thus proving that the atmospheric pressure too reduces. So, practically on the 11th day from new/full moon days, the pressure is somewhat very light or nil.
If one has to go with an empty stomach on any other day the atmospheric pressures will put  on him or her more strain wherein on the Eakaadasi day the problem is minimal or nil. So the body never takes the pain while we cleanse the bowel system and thus refreshing the whole body mechanism, specifically the liver-stomach-bowel and the system movements.
But on the immediate next day,(called Dwaadasi - i.e. 12th day from full/new moon), to avoid any pressure on the body system, Srivaishnavites used to eat food in the morning as early as possible. Thus avoiding any system collapse.
So it is advisable to observe fasting only on the Eakaadasi day and to give scope for refreshing the body mechanism.  But one must eat food immediately the next morning to avoid any complications.

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