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Relevance of Hinduism In Todays world

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What does every religion try to give it followers ? Why are there so many religions and how one can one choose one's own ? Is it compulsory that one has to follow the religion he or she is born in ?

About Religions, questions a plenty. Answers are to be found from our own experience.

Am I trying to swim the ocean ? Will I see the shore or sink ? 

As a matter of fact, it is not a mission nor I can state this an organization. But for the fact I need to put it somewhere, and as an individual, I find this place may well be the one ! 

With so many broken links in many a Religion can be widely seen, let me try to find a breakthrough in this small venture of my new page. Just I started this site with a hope to share some of my views with other visitors.  The success of this web site purely depends on the number of visitors and their views and suggestions.
My aim and intentions are just to give every one the value and ethics of Religions. "Reasons beyond doubt" one can state safely.
Please sign my guest book with your suggestions and criticism that will help me to improve the sites and its contents.  To sign my guest book please CLICK HERE.
Thank you very much,
Jan.03, 2003.