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Relevance of Hinduism In Todays world

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Can We appease the Planets ?

What then is the meaning for Navagraha Preethi and Parihar 

  Each and every planet moves in its assigned speed, normal, retrograde move and sometimes even remains stagnant to keep its orbital balances and keep its particular gravitational equity, to avoid collision.


         This cycle in itself gives added value for the earth and its entities, giving energy, rainfall, thunder and what not! The influence of other planets movement is so vast, the entire universe is, as if controlled in a planned and calculated way. If planets influence the earth and its particles, then who controls the planets and its movements ? This  question is unanswerable and beyond our imagination. You can simply put this as an act of God, The Nature or anything that is unreachable by us, the humans.


               According the Jyothisha Sasthram, the innumerable stars and planets has a lot of relativity to every particle on the earth and it bears a significant role to its survival on earth.   The Sages and Saints of olden days found the relevance and its connectivity to the earth and other planets.


Here are some facts found by them, which quite astonishingly produce good results, when applied correctly. To calculate the predictions, one has to get correct time of birth, exact Longitude, Latitude, and the Solar Ayanamsa of the birth date. By using all these accurately one can erect the birth chart, viz. the Horoscope.


On getting the correct Horoscope chart prepared, one has to study it in depth to find the multiple combinations.  Placement of planets, Balance Dasaa Bhukti, influence of star and sign one is born under, etc.


 The study considered here is about the natural value of water available at some locations, which is used as remedial source for some anomalies. If in a person's Horoscope, the planets were lined within 180 degree of Ascendant and Descendant nodes (known as Dragon's head and tail - or Rahu & Ketu), it is not an auspicious one and is called as ill luck.  In Indian astrology it is called as Kaala Sarpa Dosham.  And if Ascendant node happens to be placed in the fifth house from the Lagna known as Ascendant, then the productivity organs of the native, are most likely ineffective.  So bearing  an issue through this person is not so sure.


However, according to Astrology, this problem can be overcome, just by visiting any of the pilgrimage spots located at three different places. Thirunaageswaram in Tamilnadu, Kaalahasthi in Andhra Pradesh and Trimbakeshwar in Maharashtra are the places specified in Navagraha Kshetram or the pilgrimage to Temple of Planets. It is believed that the mineral contents in the water at all the above three places are of the same value and it increases potency of the native who has the Shadow Planet Rahu ill placed in the fifth house of one's horoscope.


           In addition, by staying for few days at any of the above places itself gives many benefits. As each pilgrimage place is located at a very strategic point, and the plants and trees grown there are also emit oxygen contents mixed with some unknown substance, which are more in need for the native. (The pilgrimage, in general - is a change of place and climatic conditions and added psychological points of value.) gets him some vitality, thus making him fit for his family life to have a child.



For each and every planet, the unknown source that has a link to a particular location on the earth is given in Astrology. These places of worship are called Navagraha Parihaara Kshetram or Temples of Planets. These are located in and around Kumbakonam and Tanjavur in Tamilnadu and are just few kilo meters distance to each other and can be visited in a day or two, if one uses motor vehicle.


              For the convenience of visitors, I give below the locations of each Temple that represents a Planet, the benefit one receives on a visit, the representing value of these places in accordance to modern age and an easily accessible itinerary.: be added contents..................


If any of the interested and concerned research personnel take up this subject for a through research and beam some facts, it would be an added advantage for the science called Astrology!


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