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Matrimonial - Girls Profiles
Haldi (Turmeric)
Dharana Year's Important Festival chart 2004-05
Dharana year Srivaishnava Festival days & Tharppana Sankalpams.
Dharana Year - Festivals & Tharppana Sankalpams
Yajur Upaakarmaa (Aavani Avittam)
Daily Prayer of Brahmins
Temple Visits...
Temples, oh Vishnu Temples.
Eakaadasi Fastings:
Women's Favourite!
Astrology, facts
Iyengar Matrimonials only
Matrimonial - Iyengar Girls profiles
Marriage - Star Matching
Sex is part of life!
Newlywed couples - This is for U
Birth star & names
Favorite Links
A Joke for ALL...
Guest Page: Tulsi & Vilvam
Contradictions galore!!
Who is True God? Where is He?
Guest Page - Churning of the Sea
Festivals 2003-04 in English
2004-05 Sankalpams in English
Dharana / Darana year's Srivaishnava Festivals & Tharppana sankalpams 2004-05
Family Photo Album
Gayatri - the inner meaning.
Women & Gayatri Japam
Stars, Stellar & SriVishnusahasranamam
A Prayer, for all
Guest book entries
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This page is  updated and active.  You can directly log on to this page with your E-mail ID and register your profile directly from your end.  You can post your profile with your E-mail ID as user name, edit, modify and upload your photo too. This service is for all Iyengar/Iyer community and is for free, with full fledged services. Please spread word. Thanks for your interest shown and wishing you all the best. For any assistance and help, please E-mail at :

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