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Prepare, serve and see the smiling faces of your family members!

On the occasion of the "Mothers Day" I dedicate these pages for Women, who might find this useful in their daily usage. Kindly suggest me if any improvement/revision required. 

The following recipes are from Ms. Vimala Devi M., at Sweden. Hope you prepare these at your home and enjoy same.  If more recipe required on South Indian/Andhra type menus please e-mail her to write more on the subject.   Only vegetarian items will be published here.                                        

                                          COCONUT CURRY

Description of the recipe:  Needs  fresh coconut and nice accompaniment  with plain rice or pulav rice. Not  necessary to using onion or garlic.

For functions it will be a colorful  serving.

         Servings :4

         Cooking time:15 min

          Preparation time :10 min

          Category         :  Vegetarian


          1 fresh coconut ( remove the black layer and grate it)

          8 to 10 green chilies (slit them lengthwise)

          1 tbsp  Moong daal or  channa daal (Bengal gram)

          salt to taste

          ½ cup curry leaves

          1 tbsp  oil

          FOR tempering:1 tsp mustard seeds

          3 broken red dry chilies

          1tsp    Cumin seeds



Wash and remove the hard part and peel the black part of the

coconut. Only we use white part . Grate it finely. 

Boil water & add moong daal (yellow ).

Add salt. when it bubbles add immediately grated coconut.

No need of the lid. Let it boil until the coconut  is soften.

Drain it.

Heat oil and add mustard seeds, after spluttering add the other

Tempering  ingredients and fry a while.

Add slit chilies ,curry leaves. Stir for a second.

Simmer, add  drained coconut and stir continuously till it is done.

Serve hot with buttermilk chilies (fried) and  serve as a side dish

with plain rice.






                      Recipe description: It is a sweet, normally served as desert.                    Carrot is good for health. Everybody likes it.

                      Category : Vegetarian - SWEETS

                       Yield      : 5 portions

                        Preparation:10 min

                        Cooking time: 15 min


        • ½ kg   Fresh carrots
        • 150 gms  khoya (cova- thick milk)
        • ½ kg sugar
        • ½ cup ghee
        • ½ cup milk
        • 1 tbsp  pistachios (chopped)
        • 1 tbsp cashew nuts (chopped)
        • 2 tbsp  cardamoms seeds (not powdered)

                                                    ME THOD:

Warm ghee and add peeled & grated carrot to it.

a.                                        Fry it for 3 minutes on low heat.

b.                                        Add milk, cook it for 3 more minutes.

c.                                         Remove from the heat & add khoya (grate it) mix well, keep it

d.                                        again on the stove. Stir constantly, add sugar to it.

e.                                        Let it cook until the mixture should be thicken.

f.                                          Remove from the heat and transfer to a wide pre-greased plate.

g.                                        Flat it evenly and decorate with pistachios & cashew nuts.   



                                    We can prepare many varieties  with this vegetable.
                                    Here i am writing old type version, probably  you like this method.
                                                     1 Medium sized white pumpkin
                                                     6 green chilies
                                                     1 cup curry leans
                                                     1 cup fresh coconut (grated)
                                                     2tbsp channa dal 
                                                     Salt to taste
                                                     2 tbsp  Oil
                                                     1 pinch turmeric (optional)
                                                     1 tsp mustard seeds
                                                     3 red dry chilies (broken)
                                                     1 tsp black gram (urad
                                                     1½ tsp  channa
                                                     2 tsp  sesame powder  
                                    the pumpkin.
                                                       Deseed and remove
                                    the other stuff.
                                                       Chop in to square
                                    small sized bits.
                                                       Boil water and
                                    add turmeric, salt, channa dal and bits.
                                                       Allow to boil
                                    them till it gets soften.
                                                       Drain it for
                                    15 minutes. Squeeze extra water.
                                                       Chop green chilies
                                                       Prepare tempering
                                    using with above (given) ingredients.
                                                       After done add
                                    green chilies, curry leaves, finally add
                                                       Pumpkin bits,
                                    simmer. Add grated coconut and sesame powder.
                                                      ( Keep the lid and
                                    check salt, whether it is sufficient Or not).
                                                       Let it cook until
                                    it gives fine odour (smell).
                                                      Serve with white plain
                                             NOTE:- It can be prepared with moongdal also!.
                                           VARIATION:-Instead of using sesame powder add green chilies & ginger crush.
                                                       PUMPKIN YOGHURT
                                    SAUCE (MAJJIGAPULUSU)  
                                    ·	¼  pumpkin bit OR 
                                    ·	2 cups of  pumpkin bits (medium sized)
                                    ·	6 green chilies (finely chopped)
                                    ·	3 cups of normal  thick curd
                                    ·	1 cup little sour yoghurt
                                    ·	1½ cm ginger (grated)
                                    ·	½ cup grated fresh coconut
                                    ·	½ cup fresh coriander
                                    ·	1 twig curry leaves (fresh)
                                    Ų	1 tsp mustard seeds
                                    Ų	1 tsp fenugreek seeds (methi)
                                    Ų	2 pinches asafetida
                                    Ų	1 tsp cumin seeds
                                    Ų	2 red dry chilies (broken)
                                    ·	roasted  methi seeds powder(1tsp)
                                    ·	raw mustard seeds powder(1tsp)
                                    §	Make them together to a fine paste adding little water, before you add.
                                    1.	Wash and clean the pumpkin bits.
                                    2.	Beat well curd in the yoghurt till it gets bubbles.
                                    3.	Add methi & mustard powder, stir  well. Add grated coconut & ginger. Stir briskly.
                                    4.	Heat 1 tsp oil ,add green chilies, curry leaves and pumpkin bits. Fry  a
                                    little while, without lid on low flame.
                                    5.	Cool it and add to the mixture of yoghurt.
                                    6.	Boil it on a low flame till it gets fine flavor.
                                    7.	Put the tempering ,add to the boiled yoghurt.
                                    8.	Decorate with coriander.
                                    9.	Serve hot with plain rice & papad




                          1 medium size bottle gouard(fresh)

                   6-8 green chilies

                   ½ cup curry leaves

                   1 small cup   milk

                   Salt to taste


                   1 tsp mustard seeds

                   1 tsp  black gram (white)

                   2 red dry chilies (broken)

                   1 tsp  Bengal gram (channa dal)

                   2 tbsp oil


                 Peel & remove the head of bottle gourd. (50cm length)

                 Chop it in to small & equal size bits.

                 Apply the salt to the bits & drain them.

                 Chop green chilies finely.

                 Wash curry leaves.

                 Heat oil and prepare the tempering with given

                  Ingredients, after done, add chopped green chilies and curry leaves.

                 Squeeze  bottle gourd bits with two hands

                  And add them. Simmer.

                 Stir well, keep the lid for 2 minutes.

                 When they become soft ,add milk, stir gently.

                 Remove the lid, and allow to cook for a while until  the milk is disappeared. Stir slightly without sticking to the vessel. Serve hot with plain rice.






                   ½ bit bottlegourd(25cm in length)

4 ladyfingers (bhendi)

5 green chilies

1 twig curry leaves

½ cup coriander leaves

½ cup tamarind pulp

1 small bit jaggery (can be added little more also, if you need)

1 tsp turmeric

3 cups of water.

1½ tsp  besan (gram flour)


                   1 tsp mustards

                   1tsp cumin seeds

                   2 pinches asafetida (hing)

                   ½ tsp fenugreek seeds (methi seeds)

                   3 dry red chilies (broken) 


           Wash the bottle gourd and peel it.

           Remove it's head and cut it into big peaces.

           Chop ladyfingers in big size.

           Chop chilies. wash curry leaves. & coriander leaves.

Heat oil and prepare the tempering with given ingredients, then add green chilies, curry leaves and ladyfingers.

Fry them for 1 minute until they change their colour, add bottle gourd bits and fry them further 2 more minutes.

Add tamarind pulp, salt, jaggery and water.

Boil for 3 more minutes till it gives fine odor.

Mix 3 tsp of water to 1½tsp beasan (gram flour)

To make a fine paste. Add it to the above liquid. Stir well.

Simmer and allow to cook for some more time

Or until the dhappalam gets thicken. remove from the heat sprinkle coriander leaves and serve hot with plain rice.



1.    to get extra taste to sambhar or rasam:- Just add  1tsp milk to the rasam or sambhar after finishing boiling.

2.    Are you becoming mad about your saltycurries or gravies?:

Use this trick, add thin pieces of potato to them, cook for awhile

 And throw out.

3        Do not throw away the drained water from paneer, add to the roti

Paratha, puris or naan dough. You can get good colour and soft.

                And we can use for  soups also!

Do not throw the  cauliflower stems or cabbage stems..

Spare for soups and rasam, sambhar.

When you boil pulses or grains store that extra water for rasams

Soups (pulusu).

To remove the tomato peel, just boil 3 cups of water, add tomatoes and keep the lid for some time. switch off the stove.

To get extra whiteness add 1tsp of lemon juice (fresh) when you are boiling rice.

To get more crispy potato bajji, dip potato slices in very cold water, or keep them in ice cubes for 5 to 8 minutes.

For upma add curry leaves before you remove from the heat

We can get fine flavour, even for rasam & sambhar also!!

When you are preparing Upmaif you avoid lumps,

Roast suji (rawa) before you add in water, we can not get lumps.

If the dosa Or Idli batter should not get sour..

Do not add salt to the batter. It can be stored for 3 more days without getting sour.

Never add salt when you are grinding the idli Or Dosa batter,

Add after grinding.

To get crispy dosas or soft idlies add 1 tsp flake rice (poha)

To the soaked black gram (urad dal-white).

Do not throw out the bottle guard stems (Kaddu-heads), they can be used as brushes (when you are making dosas) on the pan (tawa).Cut one potato into two halves, use them as brush.

If you open the canned tomatoes, you do not need to use

Again, just pour it in the ice-cubes moulds and de-freeze them.

To avoid the blackness when you are cutting raw bananas (plantain)

( to your hand,) add 1tbsp of curd or butter milk to water and

place the banana bits in that &apply little oil to your palms before washing them.

To avoid extra blackness to the brinjal curry Or fry sprinkle

1tsp tamarind pulp over it.

To avoid extra bitterness in bitter guard (karela) mix salt & lemon juice, and allow to stay for  1 hour.

To store bitter guard also add the same way above and keep them in the deep freezer.

To store drumsticks cut them equal sizes and boil little water

Adding with 1 tsp salt, then add these bits. Let them boil for 2

More minutes, cool them&store in the deep fridge.

Do not discard the dry curry leaves!! powder them and store in small spice jars, can be used in rasam or sambhars, even curries


Keep prepared cutlets, kachories(not fried) in the fridge for ½ hour,before You deep frying.

Add a little amount of milk to get smooth&soft puris.

To get soft motichoor laddos add 1 tsp of honey and 2 tsp of hot ghee to the sugar syrup, add boondi & allow to stay for ½ hour before you make them round, even after 12 days laddos will be

Softer like before.

To get crispy samosa outer cover, add some rice flour to the dough.

Try to get crispy golguppa(pani puri) use only large amount of suji (rawa) and little amount of all purpose flour.  Allow to stay for 1hour,before you roll.

They spoil easily if you keep apple& pear  together in the fridge.

Grate the fresh coconut (if you do not use on the same day)

And store in the deep freezer, keep it in the water for sometime

Before you use, it will be fresh taste as the same day!

Use  milk to get fine taste to the idli chutney (coconut).

To remove peel very easily, if you store the tomatoes in the deep freezer.

Add one ladyfinger stem (head) when you are grinding dosa batter. (to black gram-urad dal).

To get soft vadas just soak daal (black gram-urad dal) for ½hour,

It is sufficient time to grind.

To get soft appalu (boorelu-hanumanji prasad) add 1tbsp wheat flour (atta) to 3 tbsp of rice flour. Mix 1tsp oil when the water is boiling.

There is no need of soaking badshahi  or kaajaa, they can be prepared immediately!

To get more juice from the oranges or lemons, keep them in pre boiled hot water, for awhile.

Do not throw the bottle guard Or angular guard peel(it should not be old!!),it can be used as chutney (patchadi).

Make sambhar ONLY with cabbage, it has a special taste.

Even cabbage dal also!!.

If you feel .   squeezing tamarind every days extra job`,

So, do like this.. boil little bigger amount of tamarind in water

Until it thickens. Remove, cool it and squeeze in a plastic container and store in the refrigerator for 10 days.


Bajji, an evening tiffin -
easy to prepare methods

                               Green chili vada

                                            CATEGORY: SNACKS


                                10 -medium sized (5-6cm)

                                green chilies (stout, thick)

                                3 cups Gram flour (besan)

                                1pinch baking soda

                                2 tsp    -all purpose flour (maida)

                                2 tsp   -salt

                          For stuffing:

                                     4tsp- ajwain (Oomu)

                                     3tsp - salt

                                     1½tsp  - cumin powder

                                     4 tsp  -chickpeas powder (putana)

                                     2 tsp water

                                     3 tsp groundnut powder

                                     2½tsp- amchoor (dry mango powder)

                                     Oil for deep frying.


Mix all  filling ingredients along with 1½ tsp water to make fine paste. Slit all chilies, lengthwise, deseed  Them and keep them in water to avoid The pungent smell.  Drain them, and stuff them with the  Above filling mixture. Add besan & all purpose flour , salt, soda Along with water to make fine bajji Batter. Heat oil, dip  stuffed chilies one by one In the batter and deep fry in oil to golden Brown.  


                         SNAKE GUARD VADA (BAJJI) 


DESCRIPTION : These  are served like snacks, a fine & Tasty evening Tiffin.  We can make many varieties with different Vegetables. 



                        3 cups Gram flour

                        ½ cup- all purpose flour (maida)

                        1 pinch- baking soda

                         salt to taste

                        1 tsp cumin seeds

                        3  -   green chilies (crushed)

                        1 cm- ginger (crushed)

                        2 medium sized- snake guard (fresh)

                        Oil for deep frying


Mix two flours & salt. Add crushed chilies & ginger. Add baking soda. Add sufficient water to prepare a fine bajji Batter.  Wash snake guard and cut them like circles Dip them in the besan batter and deep fry them in hot oil to golden brown. Serve  hot with tomato ketchup.


                          BRINJAL VADA(BAJJI)



                           3 cups- Bengal gram flour

2     - green chilies (crushed)

                           ½ inch  - ginger (crushed)

                              Salt to taste

                              Oil for deep frying

6        medium- fresh  brinjals

½ cup fresh coriander leaves (chopped)


Mix besan and crushed chili & ginger together, add salt & soda. Add sufficient water to make fine bajji batter. Take one bowl cold water and add 1 tsp yoghurt to it. Cut brinjals length wise OR round bits. Dip them in the besan batter and deep-fry them in the oil till golden brown colour. Serve them hot with chili sauce.





3     - angular guards fresh)

2½ tsp red chili powder

Salt      -   to taste

    ½cup  -  Coriander leaves

1     pinch  -  baking soda

2  tsp     -ginger (paste)

Oil for  deep frying

1 tsp  - cumin seeds

2     cups Bengal gram flour

1 pinch turmeric

1 pinch  -asafetida


Mix the batter with given ingredients, Mix all ingredients except oil & angular guard. Wash & peel  all angular guards. Cut them thin round slices, dip them In the besan batter and deep fry them  In the hot oil to golden brown. Serve hot with tomato chutney, or  Newly made mango pickle (Aavakaaya).






3     in No.s Raw bananas (fresh)

2 green chilies crushed

1½ inch  ginger crushed

        Salt to taste

     Oil  for deep frying

1 pinch            - baking soda

1 tsp                - cumin seeds

 ½ tsp              -  turmeric

3 cups-            -   Bengal gram flour or besan


Mix the batter with flour & sufficient water, add salt & ginger, chili crushed mixture. Add cumin seeds, soda and mix well. Peel raw bananas & cut them round Or lengthwise (gently) and soak them in cold water (add 1 tsp yoghurt to it). Dip banana bits in the prepared besan batter and deep fry them in oil. Drain them on kitchen paper towels, Serve hot with tomato ketchup.


Here i am writing some snacks recipes, easy to prepare

 And nice to serve (if we get unexpected guests) in the evening snacks (tiffin)

                                        CAULIFLOWER VADA(BAJJI) 


             1 medium size cauliflower

             3 cups     -Bengal gram flour

             ½ cup    - all-purpose flour

             3 tsp   -  chill powder (or desired )

             1 pinch asafetida

             1 pinch turmeric

             1 pinch baking soda

             Oil to deep frying

             Salt to taste


Wash&clean cauliflower. Remove florets one by one. Remove the stem & leaves. (we can use them in soups or Sambar). Combine two flours and add salt, asafetida, soda, chili powder & turmeric. Add sufficient water to make fine batter, assure that there are no lumps in the batter. Dip cauliflower florets one by one in the besan batter And deep fry them in hot oil to golden brown. Serve hot as evening Tiffin with coconut chutney or tomato ketchup.



                            CABBAGE PAKORAS



                                3 cups cabbage chopped (fresh)

6-8            - green chilies (chopped)

2 tsp- ginger (crushed)

Salt to taste

2 cups-  Bengal gram flour

½cup coriander leaves

1 tsp cumin seeds

1 twig curry leaves

Oil for deep frying

METHOD:- Chop fresh cabbage finely. Add chopped cabbage, chopped green chilies, crushed ginger Salt to sieved Bengal gram flour.  Add curry leaves and make smooth Pakoras batter, adding little water. Heat oil and deep-fry them to golden crispy brown.


                                          POTATO BAJJI


                            4 medium size - potatoes

                           4 green chilies- chopped very thinly

                                     2 tsp      - crushed ginger

                                       2tsp     -  cumin seeds

                                    3cups     -  Bengal gram flour

                                     1 pinch  -baking soda

                                      1 pinch turmeric

                                       salt to taste

                                      Oil for deep-frying.

METHOD: Chop potatoes very thin slices. Keep them in cold water (add ice cubes) Sieve gram flour, add salt & crushed ginger And  chopped green chilies, cumin seeds &  baking soda. Make above mixture to a fine batter with

Adding sufficient water. Drain water from potato slices, spread  them over a neat kitchen towel. Dip potato slices  one by one in the prepared gram flour batter, and deep fry them (in oil) to crispy golden brown. Serve  hot  with tomato ketchup.


Temp:200¤ C    Time:8 10 min


4        cups - All purpose flour

1           cup- chapathi flour (atta)

2           tsp-salt


3           tbsp-fresh curd or yoghurt

1½ tsp oil

Yeast- ¼  packet (fresh)

Sesame seeds or poppy seeds

½ cup coriander  leaves (finely chopped.)

4           tsp ajwain (Oomu)

                        1 cup grated cheese

1 tsp chili powder

1 tsp garam masala

2 tsp grated ginger




Dissolve yeast in a tsp of milk. Mix milk and curd together.

Add salt & oil. Sieve and mix together two flours. Add  dry spices thoroughly. Add ajwain also! Add  grated ginger to it. Finally mix dissolved yeast & milk mixture. Add this to the two flours mixture. It should be like puri dough. Knead well. Cover with a damp cloth, until it gets double size. Or let it stay for 1 hour. Knead the dough again, make lemon size balls. Roll them to round discs or oval shape And make holes with a fork over them. Spread cheese over. Bake them in preheated oven at 200¤c for 8 to 10 minutes, till they get cooked. Remove from the oven and brush with butter. Pack them in aluminum foil. Serve immediately with potato khurma or any vegetable gravy curry.


Suggestion:-We can store them without applying butter.

After  preparation pack them in aluminum foil &store in the deep freezer. Can be stored for 3 weeks.




AS a desert it is nice to serve for parties. Even we can bake  it before one week and store in the deep freezer.

We can warm it in the oven before serving.

                   TEMPERATURE:225¤c      TIME:20-25 minutes    



                                        200gms- all-purpose flour

                                           2 tbsp-sugar

                                        100 gms-butter OR margarine

                       Filling:      4-5  green apples

                                         50 gms-sugar

                                         1 tsp-cinnamon powder



Sieve the flour, and add sugar & butter to make a stiff dough (no adding water). Take a pie (mould) tray and press this Dough over it. Keep this tray in the pre-heated oven for 10 minutes. Remove and keep it in the fridge for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, wash & peel apples, deseed them. Make them in to thin slices. Remove the tray from the fridge, place them around the pie and fill it. Sprinkle with cinnamon powder and 1tsp sugar. Now keep again in the preheated oven for 20-25 minutes. (in the middle frame)

Serve hot pie with vanilla ice cream or cream , or vanilla sauce.                                                                  




3 cups  - chapathi flour(atta)     

2 in Nos - radish (white) or mooli             

5 green chilies -  chopped          

1 tsp    -    grated ginger         

2 tsp -      -  garam masala          

salt to taste          

1 tsp      - chili powder          

1 tsp       - cumin powder           

Oil or  ghee for roasting parathas. 


Mix chapathi flour, salt and 1 tsp oil . With sufficient water to a fine, pliable dough. Keep aside covering with a damp cloth. Clean, peel the radish and grate it. Add salt and drain it for few minutes, squeeze well. Now add chopped chilies, ginger, masala, chili powder, cumin powder till they evenly mixed properly. Make equal size balls with the whole dough. Roll one to a small disc, place one spoon mooli mixture in the center, join all sides, and make Again thick paratha (roti).  Ensure that the inside stuff should not come out. Heat non-stick pan Or tawa, and roast paratha using with oil or ghee to golden brown. Serve immediately with tamarind chutney or tomato sauce.

The author of above recipe & Tips
Ms. Vimala Mudigonda, Sweden

The contents appearing in this page is published as it is supplied by the concerned authors. This site owner does not take any responsibility for any omissions, mistake or otherwise. It is the sole responsibility of the author concerned.