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Srimathe Lakshminrisimha Prabhrammane Nama:
Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha :
Holy thread, Why should I wear it ? What benefit do I get out of it?

                      By   trsiyengar

Right from the Vedic days, every Brahman male child gets into Thread wearing Ceremony at the age of 7 years old. This is not so now. The actual meaning and reasons for doing so were practically given many more solutions for the present generations ill found ailments and physical disorders. 0ne must know all the reasons for things that Brahmans were following ritually and rigorously every day.


In those earlier Vedic days, a Brahmans duty was to perform daily Aupaasanam & Agni Santhanam as a family man and Samithadhanam as a Bachelor. It is a kind of worship, offering prayer to the Fire God and Soorya, i.e. Sun. This prayer offer in itself is an environmental cleansing act. Apart from this, they used to chant Vedic rhymes and phrases loudly, thus most of their energy were spent even though they were sitting at one place and do these. It means a lot of calories spent but fat accumulated. 


In addition, a Brahman was considered a most learned person, who knows the astronomical movements and astrological predictions. With this knowledge he was supposed to guide the public in general and the Rulers in particular.  And for these services, he was paid by in way of his daily necessities (Pulse, milk, Curd, fruits and vegetables etc.).


By doing so all his rituals, most of the time he has to sit at one place, thus accumulating fats and cholesterol in his body. Since Brahmans were very orthodox vegetarians and eat only pulse, grain, milk, honey, Ghee and vegetables they started becoming fatter by day, gaining weight and cholesterol.  And they did not find any time to do hard laborious jobs or exercises. 


Because of these, they more frequently got kidney problems and other sorts of ailments. Through the Ayurveda, part of the Veda, they found many easy and early solutions but it did not suffice it.  Hence, the alternate way of finding solution found.


Human anatomy, a precise location of parts in our body, was an easy accessible subject for the astrologers and Brahmans in those days. They found out that half of the problem occurring for human body is either because of renal failure or of bowel not cleared daily.  And rest half of is by food habits and dieted propositions. And they easily got the link, that an important nerve connecting the Brain, Cervical and Kidney is passing through a persons right ear and if the pressure there could be controlled, then the kidney functioning can be just maintained and protected from damages.


Also, only at the age of 7 the kidney bladder starts functioning and till then the bladder doesnt grow fully. Another most important factor is that human beings brain/memory cell expansion too begins at the age of 7 only.  Thats why one cannot remember clearly what took place during the age of 4/5/6 but can mostly remember things after 7 years of age!


Thus, at the age of 7 all the Brahman boys were performed Upanayanam i.e. thread wearing ceremony and also from then taken to Gurukulam for learning Veda.  This way they attained two-way benefit by learning rituals and scripts from Veda and also maintaining their physical capabilities from attacking diseases. After performing the thread ceremony, every Brahman, while passing urine, used to tie the thread to his right ear tightly, thus controlling the kidney bladder speed. Just as a speed regulator for any motor. This was the best alternate for their healthy living.


Also piercing their ear and wearing some ornamental ear stead found another mode of controlling the kidney bladder.  This was combined with religion and health and to beautify the appearance too!  In the earlier days, erring students were never beaten or slapped, but teachers used to pull the ears of the boys. It is said pulling ones ear frequently increases the memory power and also controls the renal functions.


Does it mean other than Brahman have no effects at all?  Okay, this much is for gents. What about women? Do they not have kidney bladder and its malfunction and where is the mention regarding this?


Yes, they too had the aforesaid problems.  But for them the ill effects were minimal because they worked very hard than their male counter parts at home. { and they are stronger than men too!!} However, they too were given some ornaments to wear in their ears as an alternate and also for decorative purpose.


All right! Now what about people other than Brahmans?  Do they not have kidney/bladder/failures etc.?


Yes, they do have.  But for the fact, any person who works hard, mostly never get these sorts of diseases as the Brahman had had. So they do not require these thread and stead etc.


But as a Brahman I no longer sit at home, never chant or perform those rituals, but for my survival sake I am working to make my living.  So why should I wear a thread now?  In what way this will be helpful for one?


Man!, here your genetic factor applies!  What your forefathers had a kind of desease, you are most likely to inherit it today!  Beware, follow the rituals and keep your holy thread tightly tied to your right ear before you piss! Be aware the holy thread also keeps your body energy re-vibrated back into your body and it is never lost.


Holy Thread wear is not just to show you as a separate entity, no, not a classification as a cast or supremacy.  The facts can be illustrated with a lot more explanations. But for the time being I give only this for one to realize what Upanayanam means. It is a promise to his Guru/Father that he will keep up his Brahmmacharyam, a promise he gives to follow Vedic scripts, an assurance that he give to the society he will be a good Brahman as one should be. As at the function, father questions him. And son agrees word by word to many and abide by his Gurus/fathers words.


An in-depth study will give you a lot more facts. Brahmanism and Srivaishnavam are really great things. 0ne cannot underestimate the Vedic meanings of our proud rituals.  But a little understanding, following the rituals without fail will add a lot more confidence into our todays lackluster Srivaishnavam society.


This article is based on teachings from my father late Mr. TS Ramabathrachariar of Mukkur. These are also agreed upon by medical professiononals in general.

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