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Hello,    Worry    not,    world    will    go    on    even    after    15.05.2002

As many astrologers and their magazines are predicting a major catastraph on the 15h May 2002, I thought of putting these few lines here for the benefit of the net surfers. There will never be a change or any major destructions because of these alignment of planets in the sign of Taurus. So, worry not, things go as usual with same way as you have been experiencing it from the day of your birth!

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For years I have been studying these kind of articles and the planets influences never changed from its natural course of m0vement. Many such predictions in the past went wrong and I am witnessing these today like many other survivers! There is no Doomsday for the world in the near future by the nature, UNLESS man causes it with his lethal mind thoughts and weapons he has made with plutons and nutrons! The course and path of the planets, the celestial phenomena and the planned way of its motion and retrograde are all just in perfect way, that it will NEVER, NEVER collide with other. This is the orbital balance, that pull and pushes the other to keep its own gravitational and balancing factors.


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TRS Iyengar,M, 52, Indian, subjects of interest is in everything under the sun. The good, the bad, the ugly, the worse all that I have experienced. Now no longer willing to take any chance for a flash back even. The hard and rough road I walked through the past, let it remain as a past. The present too is not rosy! But am managing somehow. Hardships, difficulties and challenges are the one teaching a person his or her life's worthiness. This is what we call Experience! 0h, then I have it a lot.